Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Last Saturday J & H were delighted when Chantal Joffe took over the gallery for the evening and served up some delicious Moroccan food.
Above Image: Desperate Dan is the first to arrive and sign in.
Above: When Humphrey met Sally
Above: A very jolly Jasper Joffe
Above: A very pissed Harry Pye
Above: Anne and Anna
Above: Audrey asks if this seat is taken
Above: Our young waiter suggests Mr Beswick has had enough and should switch to soft drinks.
Above: Cedar and Chatal and someone with festive boots
Above: "Do you come here often?"
Above: Happy Eaters
Above: A confused waiter stands infront of one of Jasper's masterpieces.
Gordon grabs more grog
Above: A happy Humphrey Ocean
Above: Lovely Liesel
Above: A Marvelous Mint plant
Above: Who's Hugh talking to?