Monday, 1 August 2011

Harry's photos from the Joffe et Pye private view

Above: Art tramp and sex pest Simon Ould points at my painting "Meeting of the Minds"
Below: Jasper's beautiful bar staff
Above: Chris and Caroline completely ignore my tribute to Jeremy Deller hanging on the toilet door.
Below: Jasper's biggest fan John Moseley stands in front of a painting of Alba Joffe
Below: Jasper gives a much deserved hug to a very supportive helper
(Above: The Pye family pose in front of a painting called "Pye Family Picnic")
 (Above: Jasper's little helper Oscar checks out Le Snoopy House)
(Below: A nice lady I met who told me she was a lawyer and that she lives in Peckham)
(Below: An extreme close up of the lovely Uliana Apatina with my painting of different coloured squares)
(Above: Two happie chappies enjoying some Fosters. I have no idea who they are or why I felt it was necessary to take a snap of them).
(Below: A lovely little girl who made paper flowers to give to her friends)
Photo Above: Jasper's mate Remi and his girlfriend whose name I can't remember.
Photo below: Alex takes a closer look at a Joffe masterpiece
Below: A sample of Jasper & Harry postcards

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