Sunday, 2 October 2011

Jasper & Harry in Turps Banana magazine

Issue ten of Turps Banana is out now priced £8 (ISSN Number: 1749-3994). The magazine includes features on Tomma Abts, contributions from Peter Doig, exclusive interviews with Sean Scully, Rose Wylie, and... Jasper & Harry!
The feature on Jasper & Harry's Tate Modern project is 4 pages long. They talk about their differnt art backgrounds and their strengths and weaknesses as painters. Harry talks a little about previous projects such as the "Viva Pablo" exhibition which took place at The Bart Wells Institute in 2002, his inability to recreate a Jackson Pollock masterpiece and the views expressed by Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey (who he had invited to talk at their Tate Modern). Jasper talks about art world sexism, why his life feels empty if he doesn't paint,  and what he feels about teaching students to undertake transcriptions projects at the National Gallery.
There was a launch party when the magazine came back from the printers. Here are a few dodgy photos of J&H and some of their friends enjoying themselves...
                                            (Above: Humphrey Ocean and Mikey Georgeson)

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