Saturday, 12 May 2012

Photos from the first night of Jasper & Harry's Other Other Art Fair

(Above: Harry Pye photographed by Jasper Joffe)
(Above: Jasper Joffe photographed by Harry Pye)
(Above: The entrance to Jasper & Harry's Other Other Art Fair and Derek Jordan on TV)
(Above: Inside J & H's Other Other Art Fair at The Other Art Fair)
(Above: Artist August Kunnupu on the first night of the fair)
(Above: Artists Julian Wakeling and Gytautas Balkevicius)
(Above: Artist Aleksandra Wojcik)
(A crowd of art lovers begins to emerge)
(Above: Peter Suchin from Art Monthly magazine admires the work of Nathaniel Potter)
(Above: Harry Pye the morning after the p.v. photographed by Charlie Dutton)

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