Thursday, 15 November 2012

Jasper et Harry ont le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage de Matisse à Noël

Jasper et Harry ont le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage de Matisse à Noël
Au Château Joffe, Shoreditch
Unit 3, 7C Plough Yard EC2A

Jeudi 6 Décembre de 18h – 21h
L’exposition se poursuit jusqu’au 21 Décembre


Monsieur  Harry: When Henri painted ‘La  Danse’ he simply said his intention was to use the greenest greens and bluest blues. If you look at my painting Me and My Dad at Christmas it's obvious I've allowed myself to be influenced by Henri. My feeling is: If you're going to steal off someone - steal from the best. Artists make the paintings they want to see themselves. The fact we're exhibiting in Jasper's living room makes things more intimate. We're saying: welcome to our world. We're giving you our personal take on Matisse. We're showing you how we see him and what we love about his work. Buddy Holly tried to be Bo Diddley. Paul McCartney tried to be Buddy Holly. The world loves lovers. Ultimately Jasper and I are just fans trying to be like our heroes. By attempting to do a show of Matisse paintings we're aiming high. This show is our Christmas gift to you!"

Monsieur Jasper: “Matisse at Christmas has a nice ring to it, if I say so myself. I really prefer Matisse to Christmas, there's more there, and underlyingly I think Matisse created his genius paintings with incredible skill and hard work, and with an element of belief. Harry and I work together a lot, because he's easy to work with and has talents I don't have, the whole is hopefully greater than the parts. It seems breathtakingly simple and audacious just to paint more paintings by a good artist. It makes sense to me. At the moment I feel like part of the day I am living in Matisse World. I wonder what Henri would have to say about us treading on his grave. I hope we (more so me) get to the point where I am painting paintings that people prefer, or at least don't scorn, compared to the master. Happy Matissemas!”

The Life Drawing Class by Harry Pye and Gordon Beswick

The Master by Jasper Joffe

Armchairs by Jasper Joffe

Matisse eats dinner

Me and My Dad at Christmas by Harry Pye


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