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Harry & Jasper's 99p Shop Press Release

Harry & Jasper’s 99p Shop at The Other Art Fair
24 -27 November 2011
Bargehouse, Southbank, London SE1

Acclaimed British artists Harry Pye and  Jasper Joffe's 99p Shop gives everyone who visits The Other Art Fair the opportunity to become an art collector for less than a pound.

Nearly 10,000 artworks will be on sale for 99p including watercolour seascapes, photo booth flip books, gingerbread men, potato prints of Andy Warhol, hand-made Valentines,  egg cups, alternative record sleeves, shuttlecock sculptures and mono prints inspired by Tracey Emin.  Each of the 99 artworks will be produced in a series of 99 creating a total of 9801 unique items.

The 99p Shop is one of the key events at The Other Art Fair, London’s newest art fair taking place at the Bargehouse, right next to the Oxo Tower, which features 100 of London’s best unrepresented artists.

Following on from their collaborative projects such as ‘Jasper & Harry's Tate Modern’ (their version of the Tate in a real dry cleaners), and ‘Joffe et Pye’ - the dynamic duo are now throwing their energies into creating their own 99p shop.

Jasper & Harry’s 99p Shop has been generously supported by Cass Art

Shuttlecocks and Collage by Harry Pye. Plates by Jasper Joffe

About Jasper & Harry
Jasper Joffe’s work is in the Saatchi collection. His ‘Sale of A Lifetime’ in which he sold all his possessions attracted global press coverage. He once painted 24 paintings in 24 hours at The Chisenhale Gallery. Harry Pye’s paintings have been exhibited across the world from Brazil to Estonia.  He is the curator of shows such as ‘100 Mothers’ and ‘For Peel’ and the creator of the cult Rebel Magazine. The Guardian described Harry as "The master of lo-fi British art." Vogue described Jasper as being "London's premier artist/curator."

In November 2010 Jasper & Harry turned a dry cleaners in Great Guildford Street into their version of Tate Modern. They not only painted their takes on the Tate's most iconic works but also opened up their own gift shop, had an Art Now space to promote up and coming artists, and even persuaded Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey to give a lecture. Johanna Derry of Le Cool magazine described Jasper & Harry's project as "bloody brilliant" and claimed she preferred their version to Sir Nicholas Serota's efforts.

In August 2011 Jasper and Harry curated a show of very personal works called "Joffe et Pye" This show featured new paintings about the artists’ friends and family. Rather than using a conventional gallery space the artists opted to use Jasper’s Shoreditch home instead. Ekow Eshun on Radio 4 said of the show: "Intense feelings about love, loneliness and fear, anxiety desire and hope and ambition all come into play into these paintings. Very powerful I thought. What could have been fey, arch or game playing was actually very warm."

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About The Other Art Fair This autumn, London will see the launch of a new and unique Contemporary art fair to be held at The Bargehouse on Southbank. A carefully selected array of 100 artists has been chosen to display works and sell them directly to the public. Beginning on 25 November, The Other Art Fair provides a platform unlike any other for artists, collectors and gallerists to connect directly. The oversight committee of the fair consists of rising British artist Charming Baker, Program Director of Sotheby’s Contemporary Art MA Anthony Downey, arts journalist Sophie Hastings, Director of Baltic Godfrey Worsdale and Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy & Mather Graham Fink.

Harry & Jasper’s 99p Shop
@ The Other Art Fair
24 -27 November 2011
Bargehouse, Southbank, London SE1

Opening Hours:
Private View –  Thursday 24th November 2011 – 5pm – 9pm
Friday 25th November 2011 – 11am – 7.30pm
Saturday 26th November 2011 – 11am – 6pm
Sunday  27th November 2011 – 11am – 6pm

top image of ’Harry up a Ladder’ courtesy of Aleksandra Wojcik
more images or info about the 99p Shop contact T: 079571 36066

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