Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Private View of Harry & Jasper's 99p Art Store at The Other Art Fair

Ryan Stanier, The director of The Other Art Fair said last night that he was absolutely delighted with the grand opening of his event at The Bargehouse on the Southbank. Thousands of people came to see the work of 100 unrepresented artists. For many the highlight of the evening was of course the bonus attraction: Harry & Jasper's 99p art shop (sponsored by Cass Arts). Joffe and Pye's aim is to give everyone who visits the fair the chance to be a collector even if they are down to their last pound coin. The shop has had around 500 happy visitors so far. The last day of the fair is sunday the 27th of November (opening hours 11am to 6pm). For more details visit:

Here are a few photos of art collectors from thursday's private view night...
 (Above: A happy lady with a shuttlecock sculpture)
(Above: The director of the Unit 22 Gallery snaps up a festive photo)
(Above: A hand made birthday card)
(Above: A collage)
(Above: This man desired a U2 single and he found what what he was looking for)
(Above: A postcard from Brazil)
(Above: Fake Tracey Emin mono prints)
(Above: Someone takes a copy of "Take 5"
(Above: another happy customer)
(Above: A Cilla Black fan)

(Above: Ben from Art Below)
(Above: A crazy person treats himself to one of Jasper's old books)
(Above: a nice lady wisely invests in some clothespeg art)
(An astonishing collage)
(Above: Here's a woman who knows what she wants... a potato print of Andy Warhol and a cow painting. And the great thing is it only cost her one pound ninety eight pence.)
(Above: Please do not disturb)
(Above: There's 99 mono prints to choose from and the great news is they are all good)
(Above: A charming festive photo of J & H)

(Above: A lucky gold coin. One day it will be worth a fortune.)

(This chap is the former head of painting at The Royal Collage. He knows a good 99p cow painting when he sees one.)
(Above: a 100% genuine lock of Harry Pye hair)
(Above: get happy with a Harry Pye face mask)

(Above: Make your mark in life by buying a Jasper Joffe Ink blot drawing)
(Above: An exciteable art fan gets her teeth into a sculpture and also snaps up a Jasper & Harry Starter Stamp Kit pack.)

(Above: A classic NME cover from the 80s. Our price... just 99p)

(Wittty quotes to amuse your friends with - 99 to collect.)
(Above: Why not redecorate your house with these Joffe tiles?) 
(Above: What better way to wish someone a merry Christmas than presenting them with one of these 99 Xmas Balls?)

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