Thursday, 12 April 2012

Introducing The Other other art fair artists, Chloe, Julian, Aleksandra, and August

Chloe Mortimer

"I am a self taught artist based in Brighton. My work has been exhibited at Five Years Gallery, L-13 Gallery, The Barbican, Sartorial, and The Lucky Strike Gallery. In 2010 my work was featured in Saatchi's Art & Music magazine. "
(Artwork Below: "Another Time, Another Place" by C. Mortimer 2010 Mixed Media)
(Image Below: "Van Gogh's Cock" by Chloe Mortimer 2010)

Julian Wakeling

"I was born in Sunderland and attended Lincoln College of Art and Central St Martins. I studied graphic design and photography but have never been professional in either field. I have variously worked for the Post Office, the National Gallery and been a cycle courier. I used to make postcard art and have produced house music records. Last year I won the Fitzrovia Photography Prize at the Diemar-Noble Gallery. My street photography project is ongoing. I take photographs every day."

Aleksandra Wojcik

'Being influenced by Whistler and Turner paintings I decided to document the Thames River. I travelled from the source to the sea capturing different places found by the river.
As England became my home, I wanted to share with the viewer my river . 'The River Song' (2010-2012) is both the landscape and personal project.

When photographing Thames in London I've been walking my paths but there is still an element of exploration while photographing outside the capital. Working on this project made me aware of the land and its identity.
I became curious: is it the river song that became mine or was it my song that became the river song? It also made me think what can we call today the British art as it is influenced by the international artists (and international artists are influenced by British culture).'


August Kunnapu

Born on February 6, 1978 in Tallinn, Estonia. In 1997 – 2002 studied architecture in Estonian Academy of Arts and in 2000 art in Slade School of Fine Art in London.  In 2007 recieved The Konrad Mägi Painting Award. Since 2005  editor of the timeless cultural newspaper ‘Epifanio’. Since 2008 teacher of painting in Estonian Academy of Arts. Since 2001 has done solo exhibitions in Tallinn, Pärnu, Viinistu, Manila, Riga and Berlin. Since 1996 has participated in group exhibitions in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Taiwan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Wales, Luxembourg and London.


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