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Jasper & Harry's Other Other Art Fair

Press Release

Jasper & Harry's Other Other Art Fair
at The Other Art Fair

10-13 May 2012
Ambika P3
Marylebone Road NW1
PV Thursday 10 May 5 to 9pm

 Photo: Aleksandra Wojcik

Joffe & Pye have selected 10 outstanding international new artists to present their work in the front space of The Other Art Fair at Ambika P3 in Marylebone.

The result is their own art fair within The Other Art Fair. Visitors will be able to choose one of the artists to receive the prestigious FutureContemporary Prize and The Rebel Magazine Best Artist Award

The Joffe and Pye Other Other Art Fair will be presented in a purpose built salon space with stencilled wall decoration and unique Joffe-Pye branding, as well as video profiles of the artists.

 Over the last ten years Jasper Joffe and Harry Pye have curated many well received art exhibitions including Viva Pablo, The Bold & The Beautiful, and 100 Mothers. They have also worked together on such projects as The Rebel Magazine, The 99p Art Shop, and The Free Art Fair. The Guardian described Harry as "The master of lo-fi British art." Vogue described Jasper as being "London's premier artist/curator."

Harry says: “There is always room at the top. We’re delighted to present this selection of artists and make them famous. I know some people may sneer at our decision to include 2 of Jasper’s relatives in our selection. The fact is we only picked artists who make work that we want to own ourselves.”

 Jasper says: “We will be encouraging our artists to meet their public and will be handing out awards and prizes to whomever we think deserves them. The director of The Art Fair has shown us a lot of trust and given me and Harry a lot of freedom. Will we abuse that trust? Will Harry and I turn into everything we despise about corruption and nepotism that exists in the Art World? Only time will tell. We've put our reputations on the line.”

More info or images: email or T:07957136066

The ten artists that Jasper and Harry have selected for their art fair are:

August Kunnapu
Harry says: “I’ve been good friends with August for a very long time indeed. He’s unlike any artist I’ve ever met in London. He is less jaded than I am and he has optimism and a belief in painting that I have always found inspirational. He believes good paintings can make the artist and the world a better place.”

Gytautas Balkevicius
Jasper says: “Lithuania’s anarchic answer to Maurizio Cattelan.  Self-described shock artist. I am proud to bring three of East Europe's best artists to Marylebone.”

Nathaniel Potter
Jasper says: “Angry young painter from North London, aching evocations of a suburban adolescence smashed with a hammer.”

Chloe Mortimer
Harry says: “I wanted to include Chloe as I think she’s fresh and cheeky. Some might say she’s Brighton’s answer to John Stezaker. But I think her pop art collages have a unique charm of their own. I like her wit and spirit and the fact she is unpredictable..”

Daryll Joffe
Jasper says: “My mother paints people, usually her family of artists. She is influential on a succeeding generation of artists including Jasper, Chantal, and Oscar Joffe.”

Zia Fukyana
Harry says: “I read once that the comedian Max Miller used to tell his audiences “Take a good look as they’ll never be another” I wanted Zia involved as I believe she too is a one off. I have many interesting debates about sensitive issues that her work addresses. I think Zia’s work is a springboard for a good row.

Oscar Joffe
Jasper: “My precocious 15 year old nephew brings a unique visual insight into the teenage mind. Ironically the word nepotism derives from the Borgia Pope who made two of his nephews cardinals.”

Jack Wilson
Jasper says: "Meticulous still lives allude to his illustrious forebears who owned the Titanic. He is very young and very talented.”

Julian Wakeling
Harry says: "Julian uses photography to capture the magic happening everyday on the streets of Soho. His images of people's faces reflected in windows and mirrors are often incredibly beautiful."

Aleksandra Wojcik
Harry says: “My interpretation of Alek’s photography might not be what she intended but the reason I selected her is that I love the little discoveries her work makes about light and colour in places around the Thames. Her photos intrigue and delight me."

About The Other Art Fair
London's newest art fair that delivers an open platform to connect art buyers of all tastes and experience directly with the most talented emerging artists before they are signed.

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