Thursday, 1 November 2012

Matisse at Christmas

An art exhibition by Harry Pye and Jasper Joffe about the mystery of great art

Matisse at Christmas
December 8 to 21
PV Thursday 6th December
Chateau Joffe
Shoreditch London

"I'm for truth no matter who tells it." - Malcolm X
“To miraculously hold together contradictions and incompatibility is a good definition of art.”
Frank Auerbach

Harry Pye and Jasper Joffe are both artists/curators who have been friends for more than ten years. Together they’ve worked on such projects as The Free Art Fair, The Rebel magazine, and 100 Mothers. Ekow Eshun visited Joffe et Pye’s show last year and on BBC Radio 4 's Saturday Review said of their work: "Intense feelings about love, loneliness and fear, anxiety, desire, hope and ambition all come into play in these paintings. Very powerful I thought. What could have been fey, arch or game playing was actually very warm."


Matisse at Christmas is no joke, although some of the work in it might make you smile.

Matisse at Christmas is not just a transcription project but then again - Jasper and Harry feel they've learned a lot by making work for this show.

The show includes art made by Jasper and Harry that was earnestly inspired by the great Henri Matisse. They have tried to make work with the same freshness, beauty, and skill as Matisse but they have added their own signatures and trademarks.

 Can you just make more work of an artist you like?

Does anyone know what they’re looking at?

Do you believe in Matisse at Christmas?

Matisse at Christmas

December 8 to 21 (PV Thursday 6 December)

Chateau Joffe

Shoreditch London

7C Plough Yard London EC2A 3LP

Tube: Liverpool Street

T: 079571 36066

open Friday to Sunday 12 to 4pm and by appointment

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